Australian Authors - Get a US Bank Account - Get an EIN for Tax

Setting up a US Bank Account

If you are an Australian Author and you are publishing on Amazon, the problem is that you will get a heap of little tiny cheques from different countries. Your biggest audience will be US. Most other countries you will still sell a few copies, but it costs more than some cheques are worth to bank the cheque. 

So what I did was sign up for Payoneer Account and money is paid directly into this nominated account.
  • Go to
  • Apply for card
  • Wait for approval
  • Receive card in mail
  • Link to bank account

 Also you will need to apply for a U.S. EIN Number for Tax.

  • Apply for EIN Number, Complete SS-4 Form
  • Download Form (keep for own records)
  • Phone IRS. Apply over the Phone. This was easy and the staff knew what they were talking about. I did not wait in a massive phone queue, but was helped quickly and efficiently. It kind of shamed our Australian Taxation Office.

Make sure you have an Amazon Author Account.
In Amazon Account Page, 'Complete Tax Info'

In Amazon Account Page, 'Add Bank Account'