99 cents? But that’s absurd!

99 cents? But that’s absurd! It took me years to write these books. And then editing them! It was a nightmare. And now you want me to sell them on Amazon for 99 cents?

That was my reaction when someone first suggested this. I was about to publish my first novels. A trilogy.

The trouble is there are a lot of cheap books out there. A lot of cheap e-books. If you are already famous stop reading this. If you are not famous then people are not going to pay the big bucks for your first amateur novel.

If you price your books at 99 cents on Amazon, you will sell a fair number when you release just because they are cheap. You only get about 30% of the price. If you sell at a higher price you will get 70% but your sales figures could plummet.

The key to this is advertising. You need go berserk promoting and advertising the release of your books. And then do more. And more. Ads, book clubs, book promotional sites, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, press releases, radio interviews, newspapers, anything you can possibly afford to do, both time-wise and financially.

Then choose your price carefully. Maybe start low to get numbers up, then gradually raise the price. If this is your first book, then remember that. People don’t know you yet. Make them know you.

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