Self-Publishing. Prepare Yourself.

It’s not enough to be ready to advertise at the moment you self-publish your book. Long before your book hits the electronic shelf, your preparations must begin. While the KDP advertising tools are great, you need to do a lot more if you want your book to go to the top. Before you publish, prepare your book release, your press releases, your Twitter messages, your Facebook messages. Ask your local radio station to interview you as soon as your book is released. You need to contact Book Clubs in advance, you need to buy your advertising in advance. No-one has ever said, ‘Oh dear, I advertised my book way too much!’ But don’t wait until your book has been published to begin preparations. Have everything ready to go, and when you hit that publish button, you can set everything rolling, and get in whilst your initial sales are high, driving them higher and throwing your best drive behind your book before the hype dies down.